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06 August 2012 @ 02:47 am
Big Bangs are always fun if there's tons of interest and the only way people find out about us is promotion. So if you would like to help promote this community, feel free to use one of the banners below. There is also a text box so you can just replace [BANNER HERE] with whichever banner you want to use. Easy peasy!

Zombie Bang is about to start up so if you have that zombie-style fic (and, come on, who doesn't?) sitting in the back of your mind just waiting to be written, then sign up! Perfect opportunity to also do some zombie inspired art too and with all of the movies these days featuring our lovely brain-eating corpses, there's more than enough caps out there to bring your art to life! Or death!

Wanna see Adam survive a zombie attack? Buffy fight the walking undead? Arthur stop the zombie apocalypse? Then sign up and set things right!

Sign-ups begin August 10th.

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